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    christopher rizzo
    March 15, 2021

    My Experience with Mark Twombly Lee is that He is a Great, Professional, No Nonsense Lawyer. I went through Many Lawyers before I found Him. The other Lawyers that I had did Absolutely Nothing for Me, but Take My Money from Me with No Results. His Staff is Also Great and there to Help You. I Highly recommend Him as He will Always be Honest and Up Front with You about Everything. He Always got back to Me in a Fashionable Time, or had Someone in His Office get back to Me if He was busy. You can't do Better.

    Jessica Jackson
    September 05, 2022

    I asked for his help the day before my case. Literally last minute before closing the night before. He showed up at 9am and helped me overcome my oppressors. He's No nonsense and gave advice about the secondary case I have. I really appreciate the quick nature of returned calls and honest sarcasm. My kind of person. Thanks attorney Lee

    L Dias
    June 08, 2022

    I was shopping around for a good tenant lawyer, and I called this office to find representation. The person who answered was a woman she was helpful at first but basically told me in her own words that she doesn't believe I have enough money to seek representation without even asking she assumed that I would not have enough money. She was an older lady but that does not excuse the way you talk to people this isn't the old days, and you do not speak to people in that manner ever. You would have more business and more reviews if the front end of the business was not run in such a way.

    Daniel Loraditch
    March 24, 2023

    Mr. Lee is a member of a criminal Rico gang within the Worcester civil court. He and other lawyers and judges commit fraud and destruction of evidence, regularly. He sold me out and he will do the same to you if given the chance. Check his other reviews at his address in Oxford, mass. He is a crook please be forwarned.

    Eileen Tougas
    February 09, 2023

    Never had thee respect at all to call back and did not even take thee time to look at thee case .just kept me on hold for one month .he is a very non professional lawyer..if he didn't want thee case should of stated it from day one.. i am glad he is not my lawyer. From what people say very bad lawyer .shape up mark or ship out to a new career ...

    Attorney Mark Twombly Lee

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    35 Harvard St #213, Worcester, MA 01609, USA

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