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    Summer Russell
    May 16, 2023

    I cant even get the paralegal to call me back after numours voice messages left. She said she would call two weeks ago after the meeting to see if you would take my case. Maybe it's a blessing you didn't want to work with me

    Kathleen Jackson
    July 12, 2019

    I am an attorney that works in the Springfield area, in Housing Court and sometimes in employment law cases. I have observed Heisler, Feldman and McCormick at work in the Springfield Housing Court. They are a dedicated group of lawyers, who work hard to get their clients great results. I honestly cannot recommend their work enough. They are tenacious and just do not give up be in fighting for tenants rights or employees wrongfully terminated or against police brutality. Hue Heisler, Joel Feldman and Tom McCormick are all top notch litigators, but do not underestimate Grossberg and Dohainy. They are fierce.

    Pamela Kowalski
    May 08, 2019

    Heisler, Feldman and Mccormick were referred to me by disability law and the assistant went over my paperwork and pictures. At the time I did my best to explain my situation. They after my landlord received a settlement for a mold claim that landlord used my pictures stolen from me. No real evidence showed up after I cleaned and repainted the apt. for $80 off my security deposit in 2009. The non-permitted cellar forced hot air furnace was bringing up the mold spores and invisible to eye parasites into my apt. The only one with this connection to the cellar.A court order to put cement floor in cellar existed. I watched this woman put a cellar in 2 towns over and her insurance co, switched my knee injury address to the new cellar address. When I said I wasn’t affected by the flood Irene it’s because I was sick upon entering apt. That was fully contaminated by the time I got to move in 6 weeks after looking at it. I have a large pile of continued Illness medical records along with the slip-n-falls that resulted in my need of both knees replaced. Calling board of health did nothing to stop the mold problem entirely, they decided to trash me and ruin my life as well. With help from Housing of Turners Falls I was sonehow convinced moving into a remediated Apt. in Gteenfield where I immediately got very sick and have had such a hard time with brain fog and continued exposure to mold and parasites knee surgery is impossible until I can be adequately treated. I’m on anti-fungals and was basically put into a basement apartment that has only worsened my already diagnosed long term mold exposure. I have lost everything by landlords strategies and help from people that are very one sided.only 2 classes remaining to get a associates degree with over 120 college credits most of them business related. I require restitution that dates back to September 2009 medical bills and associated costs included. I am not being treated fairly and this Started a long time ago. This firm took my info and then ignored my case Giving me a false sense of security. Mycotoxicins, paper mites? still in my ears from initial cleaning of this contaminated apartment when I 1st moved in have raised havoc with my health. I have had my disability used against me. The dangers of this type of poisoning include death. I am bringing up criminal charges against this landlord her efforts to hide her ongoing gross negligence which wasn’t at the apartment I lived in only. Putting floors on top of mold is illegal isn’t it. Removing asbestos w/o a permit is illegal isn’t it. That’s a partial model of how this landlord did her bidding. I have trouble producing a thought now thanks to this woman’s negligence. So why is she building new house with settlement from insurance that should be mine.

    Marlee Velazquez
    March 30, 2023

    The best lawyer I have had. Joel and Dan know what they are talking about when it comes to housing and they fight hard for their clients

    Regbo Regbo
    June 19, 2019

    I sued my landlord for stuff wrong with the apartment including flooring a stove and fridge we have roches and its really unsanitary living conditions.and we had a lady name susen take are case instead of telling us shes not a housing lawyer shes a debt lawyer she took are case claiming shes the best lawyer in the firm and she was going to get us so much money in pain and suffering all she did was cost us money we won 3,274$ and she said we owe her more money we went there because he live off $900. A month we can barely afford are bills i understand paying her something she said 1third of the money goes to her when we first talked then she took all are money and said we needed to pay her more we had to hound her to get anything done what should have taken 6 months took a year she never would get back to us in timely fashion.during the meeting with the landlords lawyer we wornt allowd in the room and his lawyer already had paper work made up i believe they already had it planned it out cause she fought for something we did not ask for...

    Heisler, Feldman & McCormick, P.C.

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