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    Coreena Torres
    March 10, 2017

    I called to get information on legal representation for an adoption/termination of parental rights. The gentlemen on the phone was helpful, but kept saying he wasn't trying to talk himself out of work, the price it could cost and a couple of options. I never indicated this was something I did not want. He said he'd write up the options and mail them to me to look over and let him know what I decide. Almost 3 weeks later and 2 phone calls to the office with no return, I'll take my business elsewhere. If you did not want to bothered with this case, a simple no would suffice, not empty promises and then ignoring follow up calls. Very unprofessional. Signed a mom who will stop at nothing to adopt my daughter.

    Brittany Ambrose
    May 31, 2019

    Hmmm I wish I could give less than a 1 Star...not exactly sure where to start....This attorneys office was recommended to me through my jobs legal plan as I was looking for someone to represent me in a child custody case. Attorney Quinn seemed like he was really sharp during my initial conversations which ultimately lead me to hire him to represent me. For a couple weeks I received no correspondence from them after numerous phone calls and then was told for an upcoming hearing I would be represented by Attorney Pilon, another lawyer in their firm. He asked me the same questions each time I talked to him which raised my suspicions. Then the day of court he was 15 min late for our briefing before court. Once we were inside court he was late for the judges initial call, and then waited for every case to be heard before he indicated he would like to go. Once before the judge he fiddled with his papers and was not sharp at all and appeared as if this was in fact his first time in court, it was horrific! Not only did he not know the specifics of my case but he suggested things to the other party and the judge that him nor I had agreed to beforehand. The judge was rather in a mood but she also yelled at him about some of the fundamentals that should have been filed ahead of the appearance, none of which the firm advised me of as their client. So after this horrible ordeal and my family seeing this unfold in the court room and paying (in my eyes) a significant amount of money the attorneys firm called me less than an hour later after they had regrouped as a “team” and terminated my representation citing that this case was fast moving and I had immediate needs that I should seek another attorney for but adding insult to injury still billed me for the stall tactics and amateur hour court appearance. After this horrible ordeal I ended up finding an extremely competent attorney that took my case on and WON! Turning a horrible experience into a great one! Buyer Beware of this firm!!! Plenty of other firms in the Springfield area and every attorney I spoke to thereafter said how much of a flake Attorney Pilon was! What a joke!

    Lisa Walker
    March 13, 2023

    Dennis was caring and knowledgeable! He stuck with us throughout the case and went the extra mile!

    August 24, 2019

    Using for social security. Knowledgeable patient, respectful. Explains everything in detail what you need to do what they will do pricing. No vagaries straight forward. Know the liability and disability law with high aptitude.

    Paul White
    July 06, 2018

    Attorney Quinn is the best. He does his due diligence and will fight like a wolf against Injustice. A true American. There should be more than 5 stars for this guy.

    Law Office of Dennis F. Desmarais

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    1350 Main St Suite 302, Springfield, MA 01103, USA

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