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    December 09, 2023

    Lovely people work here. They were so nice and did their best to comfort me when I walked in for an emergency tooth extraction with severe pain. They didn't end up pulling the tooth due to bad infection and the novacane not working for me, but I would definitely return to them for routine check ups in the future and whatnot if needed.

    Hannabi ___
    December 23, 2022

    Give zero star if I could. Family member went to this office (I didn’t know till I realized he no longer have any teeth). At first was guaranteed with perfect fit denture and recommend to extract all the teeth before doing a denture. Didn’t expect every one of them were removed at once, but they did that. He’s a diabetic, so there should be more things to be cautious about and they didn’t follow the policy. He was never given antibiotics before extraction or 2 weeks follow up after extraction. He was pale for few days due to multiple extraction. He had a month follow up for molding and saw the healing didn’t go to their expect and made another follow up. Were told there a spot that’s prickly after the extraction and were told that it’s a bone that grew out and no teeth left behind after extraction. To be honest I’ve heard of a part of tooth left behind or jaw bone sticking out, but best to take x-ray to make sure before offering grinding it down or preform another procedure. But no, anyway the dentist did offer grinding it down and he refused. Fine, no grinding but seriously why are you putting force on it? If is a jaw bone it’s impossible to force it down by using fingers or tools and if it’s a left over tooth and you’re opening up the wound more. Last but not least the denture didn’t fit. So those who’s diabetic be aware of this. Also a reminder, the dentist also raises his voice at patients.

    July 05, 2019

    This practice is horrible. if i could file a complaint i would. My boyfriend has gone there for months (wish he realized sooner that this place was a joke) and more he went the more teeth seemed to need work or need to be pulled. they do nothing to try to save your teeth and instead they shave it down to the root and cause nothing but pain and discomfort. My boyfriend has never left that office without pain. I am praying his new dentist will fix all the problems this dentist caused. I cant wait for him to be happy with his smile again. i do NOT recommend this dentist and it should be investigated. seems to me they do it for the money and do not care for their patients.

    John Thach
    January 26, 2019

    I scheduled an appointment because I had pain in my neck because of my tooth, the receptionist immediately recommended to take it out or root canal and gave me pricing. The root canal was going to cost me $3500.00. The dentist came and tapped on all the teeth he thought could possibly be giving me the pain. He tapped on the tooth that the receptionist said could be the one that is hitting my nerve and giving me pain extra hard....and I told him that hurts. He then put the medicine to numb in my mouth and then gave me the shots and then after the receptionist came and asked me to sign the paperwork for the extraction of the tooth. I’m new to toothaches so when I felt pain from my teeth, I called the dentist right away. After he yanked the tooth out, they prescribed me Amoxicillin, no ibuprofen, no pain medication. I called back and asked if they was anything they can prescribe me to help with the pain and the receptionist said the doctor isn’t allowed to prescribe hard drugs. So he can cause the pain but not help relieve it?? Two days later and I still feel the pain in my neck, so they got what they wanted. Money from my insurance and a tooth. After all this, I found out that usually dentists take teeth out for decay. My tooth had no decay, no black, and was fine. So not only do I still feel the pain in my neck but they got a nice little treasure that is my tooth.

    Romarath Hunt
    April 24, 2023

    I had my root canal there several years ago. This is the worst place to go. I heard from friends that go there have to wait 3 months to get their denture. Terrible place.

    Pailin Dental Center

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